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Danish Government Puts ENTIRE Country on Minecraft to Assist Teachers

Geography lessons go virtual: Danish government creates Minecraft version of ENTIRE country to aid teachers

Entire country was recreated by the government's mapping department

Minecraft lesson plans for teachers are also developed to make education more accessible

Published at 18:06 EDT on 25 April 2014. Updated at 19:01 EDT on April 25, 2014.


The Danish government has recreated the entire country using the popular computer game Minecraft.

The government hopes that it will make learning more enjoyable for students, by being the first country to be fully integrated into the blocky Minecraft games.

It even created lesson plans for teachers to help them navigate this virtual version of their country.

Denmark's Ministry of the Environment has created a large-scale model of the country in Minecraft for players to explore.

The downloadable model is comprised of 4 billion blocks. It requires 1 terabyte of storage space.


Minecraft was launched in 2009. Minecraft was developed in 2009.

They can then explore a variety of terrains, such as forests and caves.

Players can also fly up in the air to get birds-eye views of the scenery.

To construct towns and cities players are provided with blocks and tools.

As players advance as they progress, they will gain advanced tools and building blocks in different materials.

Although the original game was intended for the PC but there are now versions for mobile and Xbox 360.

The model is made up of roughly 4000 billion bricks. It takes approximately 1TB (1000 gigabytes) to download the entire country.

"We have created Denmark online in Minecraft so that young people can plant their forests create a lake, a riding school biogas plants, wind turbines and more," said Kirsten Brosbol (Danish Minister of the Environment).

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"Imagination is the only limit."

"This is our method to make a connection between the digital world and the natural worlds."

It was developed by Simon Kokkendorf and Thor Bjorn Nielsen from Geodatastyrelsen which is the Danish mapping arm of the government.

They took public data on the country, including elevation models and information about roads and buildings, and 'translated it into Minecraft's distinctive bricks.

The team also developed an interactive navigation system to ensure that visitors can easily find their own area within the model.

They will also have the opportunity to view nature and landscapes in their natural habitat.

The Agency said that you can "go for a stroll" in the countryside of Denmark. MORE You can also see any location in Denmark in the same way as Google Street View.

The Orestad school in Copenhagen has been testing the system to teach maths and geography to students.

Katrin Kristensen, a teacher at Orestad school, explained that in the past the teacher would lay down the map of Denmark in the classroom and let students scribble the names of the different regions.

Future Danish schoolchildren and others will be able to record in the game the animals and plants they've seen in nature.

"Now Denmark is available right here on children's tablets or computers, advancing the idea of using digital solutions to teach.

"We have lots of experience with Minecraft in teaching maths.

We can stimulate learning even more with the "real Denmark" now available as a Minecraft World.

"Students believe it's more enjoyable when they are working with their own house or street and other such things.'

However the developers have made a change to the game : eliminating the possibility of using dynamite to blow up areas.

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